14 Best Golf Gag Gifts

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for the golfer in your life? Whether they're a seasoned pro or just enjoy a leisurely round on the weekends, nothing adds a touch of humor to the game quite like a well-chosen gag gift. From quirky gadgets to hilarious accessories, we've rounded up the best golf gag gifts guaranteed to bring a smile to any golfer's face. Get ready to tee off on laughter and find the perfect gift that's sure to be a hole-in-one!

1. Toilet Golf Game

toilet golf game gag gift


The perfect gift for the golfer who wants to be practicing their shot at all times. It even comes with a door hanger to let everyone know not to disturb because a game is in session.

2. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

golf ball whiskey chillers

Let your favorite sports enthusiast cheers to a successful day on the green with golf ball whiskey chillers! They'll keep their whiskey nice and cold while reminding them of their favorite game.

3. Funny Ball Markers

golf ball markers of kirby, baby yoda, and dj khaled
Don't let the golfer in your life use a coin or poker chip to mark their ball. Get them a fun ball marker that will have them putting in style while giving them some good laughs too.

4. Golf Ball Soap Set

golf ball soap set

All is not as it seems...they might look like golf balls, but this set of soap will keep any golfer squeaky clean. 

5. Floating Golf Green

floating golf green

This fun game is great for a golfer who wants creative ways to practice their skills. They'll have a blast aiming for the floating target.

6. Golf Club Bottle Opener

golf club bottle opener
This bottle opener is made from reclaimed golf clubs and will have them thinking about their game on and off the course.

7. Golf Pop Up Card

golf pop up card

This greeting card will brighten any golfer's day when they open it up and see a pop-up golf course.

8. Personalized Golf Bobblehead

personalized golf bobblehead

This bobblehead will make them smile every time they look and see a miniature golf version of themselves.

9. Funny Custom Golf Ball

funny custom golf ball

Get them a golf ball that will have them laughing each time they read its custom message.

10. Beer Bottle Golf Tees

beer bottle golf tees

Turn tee time into party time with these beer bottle golf tees!

11. Desktop Mini Golf Game

desktop mini golf game

This gift will let the golfer in your life enjoy the game anytime they want. It even comes with sand for the mini fairway!

12. Golf Ball Cake Balls

golf cake balls

A delicious treat for any golf fan. These cake balls taste as good as they look.

13. Golf Pens

golf pens


Write in style with these golf-inspired pens. A great accessory to have on your desk.

14. Cornhole Beer Pong Golf Game

cornhole golf beer pong

This game will liven up any party. Split up into teams and see who can sink the most shots!

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