5 Funny & Unique Ball Markers For When You Need A Laugh On The Green

 The days of using a coin to mark your ball are over. Bring some style to the green and elevate your game with a unique ball marker that matches your putting mood. Check out these 5 ball marker options that will have you laughing.

For when you're feeling confident

1. "DJ Another One" Ball Marker

DJ Khaled another one golf ball marker
This is the ball marker for when you've been 1-putting all day and you're about to do it again and yell "ANOTHER ONE!".

2. "Piece of Cake" Ball Marker

piece of cake with rainbow sprinkles golf ball marker
Reach for this ball marker when you're so confident in your shot that you have no doubt that you'll sink it easily.

3. "Birdie King" Ball Marker

birdie king with crown ball marker

This is the perfect ball marker for when you're the reigning champ of getting birdies all day. 

For when you need some positivity

4. "Star Baby" Ball Marker

baby yoda riding in golf ball shaped spaceship ball marker

Who cares if you 5-putted on the last par 3? Be the eternal optimist with this adorable ball marker.

5. "No Mistakes" Ball Marker

bob ross no mistakes only happy accidents golf ball marker

When you're having one of those golf days, this ball marker gives the uplifting reminder that we all need.

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